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Speak aloud, receive immediate grammar feedback, practice exercises suggested by AI based on your conversation, and achieve fluency with the advanced Interactive AI language tutor.

Introducing Nora - Your Personalized AI English teacher. tutor - Nora, is designed and built only to help you improve your English fluency. It's not limited to few scenarios and role play, you can have a human-like tutor conversations daily based on your topics of interest, fluency level, motivation and challenges - We truly know what personalized means.

How does it work?

An English learning app that let's you speak.

Just speak and immerse yourself in conversation about any topics of your interest.

Instant feedback along with Improvement notes.

Get the most out of your abilities with instant feedback - Correct your grammar, improve your pronunciation and learn from your errors.

Practice AI tutor recommended exercises.

Practice engaging and innovative 30+ Business English exercises topics such as Eloquence, Brevity, Precision, Clarity etc based on daily conversation with AI tutor.

Track your Fluency Improvements.

Effectively track your language fluency journey minutely with our structured reports

Satisfied Learners Are
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It was a great experience. The conversation was so helpful and I could learn and understand gaps in my English language. Will definitely keep on using this. 


It really impoves English and astonishing that I'm learning from English AI tutor. I get a bit self- conscious about my English skills but after using I feel confident. Can't wait for you to add more topics and activities.

Mohammad Farooq

I like the feature of exercise modules that can rephrase sentences and conversation topics are to the point.

Rizka Widihar

Thank you for providing such valuable language learning tool, truly impressed by the English learning app and impact it had on my English development. 

Aarav Saini

Thank you for providing me with this English learning. I'm a Spanish speaker here in UAE and your app helps me with my Business English. 


I practice daily for 20 mins and given I'm intermediate level, this conversation practice with English AI tutor on chosen topics has consistently helped me with my English language development. The grammar exercises, the syntax and structure of conversation and exercises is mind. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is a conversational English learning app on which you can practice Business English with our AI tutor without the need of a human teacher. Our AI tutor improves your business conversational skill, pronunciation, brevity and overall English fluency

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How do I get started ?

Simple! Download our app from the Android Playstore or Apple App store, or signup on web.

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Is right for me ?

Absolutely! Whether you are at the beginning of your learning journey, want to improve your skills, or need to bag that promotion, our AI will create a customized learning plan just for you. We begin by asking you to complete an assessment test to understand your current level of English proficiency and create a plan that will help you achieve your goals in a way that works with your schedule. Additionally, you will receive access to unlimited exercises recommended by our AI tutor.

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Is free? offers users a 7 day free trial where they can experience all features of the app!

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How does the free trial work ?

The free trial will be active for 7 days, at which point you will be automatically charged the selected subscription price (if you didn’t cancel the subscription during the trial).

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Our Mission

To use the power of language to unlock people's potential. We aim to teach Business English to the next 100 million people in the MENA region by 2030, Contributing to economic prosperity across the region.

We're on a journey to achieving this goal. We've developed an AI-Powered language tutor that simulates natural conversation flow and provides detailed feedback and improvements notes - all without requiring human intervention. Our platform goes even further by suggesting tailored exercises and training modules to learners, creating a comprehensive learning experience without the need for additional apps or study materials.

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